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My name is Veronika Schwarczova Ascher
and I welcome you to my website.
I am an autodidact.
I write and paint with my right and left hand.

"When a person has talent, heart and eyes and in the right place, no school will replace them."

Since my childhood I have been painting on every free little piece of paper and stationery and art supplies shops are all my life a temple where I like to go.

The family environment, my father's huge library, his refined taste and love for paintings, was my first contact with beauty, and my mother's love for nature and flowers crowned it. Thanks to my mother, our home was flooded with flowers.
From an early age, I had, every year, the spring ritual of buying the first snowdrops and primroses from women who rode from the countryside. And that remained with me in adulthood until this habit of selling "wild flowers" became quite extinct.
With the progress of time when the market was flooded with the sale of artificial flowers, I decided to try "eco" flowers with the smallest artificial residues for the nature.

Creating flowers with artistic skills combines hand in hand and fills me with a warm feeling that I will be a little involved with the Creator in creating a piece of the world that will please the eye and the heart.

I am creating flowers since 2019. Most often, I am using Italian and Czech crepe paper and paper of all kinds, floristic wires of various diameters and glue.

I worked out myself because, as my motto sounds, every teacher, professor and school will imprint on you their pattern, their "punch" and deformities, and you lose your freedom, vision and barriers.

Then for years you are looking for a way out of it. My opinion is that one must not let the thread that sleeps in you and let it idle, but to seek inspiration and joy around you, you have to train daily as a violin player, because the basis of any painting is the art of drawing. Everything can be drawn. Nuances are only in vision, feeling, in means, in colours, in mood and environment. Because painting three smarties in a circle and naming it as infinity is disrespect for the viewer and the art itself.

I was born on the 3rd November 1957 in Slovakia. After graduating from high school, I started to study at the Faculty of Medicine in Brno, but I left my studies, broke family traditions and went to Prague, where I live for 41 years. I have the joy of creation that is intensifying as I get older. I have been painting as I say since my childhood. I have been working most intensively with the "new era" and possibilities and also with better materials since 1993 ...

Why do I paint?
I love colours and creation. My painting is not innovative, nor bombastic. I like reality and expressiveness close to my nature. My example were the French impressionists, Czech "marakovci" and Slovak illustrator Mirko Hanák and it is still the case until today. I love nature, I like to capture everyday things, work,  I respect all the people, the so-called fruit pickers who have a share in our life. Ploughmen, pickers and those who sow that I capture in my works. I want to share joy and counterbalance herewith the negatives that affect  daily our being.

Generally, artists of all kinds are "jugglers", who ensure a balance between good and evil, respectively. they point out how beauty and inner joy are essential to life.

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